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5 Reasons Women Use CBD Products

CBD has been touted as an incredibly potent ingredient that can help people in all sorts of different ways. CBD is commonly used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent for athletes. CBD has also proven to be effective in helping manage anxiety and depression and even is recognized by the FDA as a tool that can help reduce the risk of seizure. However, these common uses only scratch the surface of what CBD can do.  For example, did you know CBD is great for acne and has other skin care benefits?


CBD can also be put to use in a beauty and skincare routine. As research continues to reveal the many potential benefits of CBD, it stands to reason that we will see more and more skincare companies incorporate CBD into their products. Here are 5 reasons women use and benefit from CBD products.


  1. Managing Acne


Acne is one of the most frustrating and painful skin conditions to deal with. You may not have thought about CBD for acne, but CBD can help in managing and reducing flare-ups of acne. CBD works to decrease the inflammation that can cause acne to appear. By interacting with the body’s own system for processing hormones, CBD is able to have a calming influence on the skin and other surrounding tissues. CBD also reduces stress, which helps with acne breakouts.


By neutralizing inflammation, CBD is able to prevent acne breakouts and smooth out existing flareups naturally. As we will see, CBD also helps to control many of the other underlying conditions that can trigger acne. By having a well-rounded and balanced skincare routine that utilizes the power of CBD, we can have clearer and brighter skin. 


  1. Adding Moisture


One of the primary focuses of any good skincare routine is keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. One study[1] found that topical application of CBD enriched products to skin conditions and scars significantly improved both visible and physiological symptoms. Skin elasticity, hydration, and even outcomes of standardized skin tests improved over the course of a few months while using CBD.


By using moisturizing products with CBD you are able to apply the hydrating power of CBD directly to your skin! Since CBD is only an ingredient and not an entire moisturizer, CBD can be added into an existing moisturizer product. However, CBD works best when the product it is paired with is specially made to highlight the benefits that CBD offers.


  1. Balancing Oils


While adding moisture to the skin is important, it will not be much help if the skin is clogged with naturally occurring oils. Some of us have more oily skin than others, but regardless we all need to work to keep the oils on our skin under control. Often, skincare products try to manage oily skin by simply washing off the oils on the top layer of the skin. CBD works differently by going deeper into the skin and triggering the body to reduce oil production to a healthy amount. Since CBD is not topically removing oils, you don’t have to deal with the painful dryness that can sometimes come with oil control face washes.


  1. Strengthening the Skin


The skin is arguably the organ in our body that takes the most stress. As we go throughout daily activities, our skin- and our face in particular- is bombarded with dust, dirt, harmful UV rays, moisture, and much more. In order to deal with this potential damage, we need to work hard to keep our skin healthy and strong. There are many different substances that keep skin strong. One such substance is collagen. Collagen is the most common protein found in the human body and keeps skin elastic and strong.


Many products claim that they can help improve skin elasticity by adding collagen directly into the skin. This is doubtful, as collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin. Instead, CBD works by activating the body’s natural collagen production and increasing the amount of collagen that is naturally present. By naturally stimulating the production of this and other vital ingredients for skin resilience, CBD is able to promote stronger, healthier skin.


  1. Controlling Stress


While stress reduction isn’t a normal target for skincare products, it is one of the many benefits that comes from CBD. Using CBD for stress isn’t new; cannabis has long been used for managing anxiety and depression as well as promoting an overall calming sensation. This is especially true of ingested CBD, such as through tinctures or gel capsules. However, even topically applied CBD has been seen to promote a calming, relaxing sensation. Why does this matter when talking about skincare? Few parts of our body are as susceptible to the hormonal and chemical changes that result from stress and anxiety.


When we are stressed, our body causes more inflammation, produces excess oils, and can dry out the skin. While CBD is able to work to overcome those natural processes, it can also work on the cause of those issues by reducing stress and improving sleep.


Clearly, CBD has much farther-reaching effects than simply being used by athletes who want to treat sore muscles or people who are dealing with insomnia. Research has indicated that CBD can be a helpful, low-risk addition to any skincare routine. By reducing acne, adding moisture, balancing oil production, strengthening the skin, and treating the underlying cause through reducing stress, CBD is a powerful force for good when added to a skincare routine. Since CBD is only recognized as a supplement by the FDA at this time, production requirements are not overseen as strictly as medications would be. How can you trust that you are getting a high-quality, pure CBD product?


Simpurity offers high-quality, inspected, and pure CBD products to add the power of CBD into your skincare routine. By offering third-party testing, Simpurity helps you know that you are getting the best quality ingredients and nothing that you don’t want. Whether you want to use a facial moisturizer with CBD for topical relief, to target the lips in particular with a CBD lip balm, or take CBD internally through a tincture or capsule, Simpurity is the place to look!