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Simpurity CBD Lip Balm

At first glance, we might think that CBD Lip Balm doesn’t make much sense. With CBD becoming more popular and more widely recognized as a beneficial supplement, is CBD lip balm just an attempt to fit CBD anywhere it can go to make a sale? No, with CBD added to a lip balm you can enjoy the many benefits of CBD in conjunction with the protection and healing of lip balms. But why does it work so well?  What are the effects and benefits of CBD lip balm? And how can you be sure that the CBD in your lip balm is high-quality?


Why CBD Lip Balm Works


To better understand how exactly your CBD lip balm will help you, you have to understand how CBD works. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance found in cannabis. Some people may be wary of using CBD as they think of the euphoric sensation that cannabis causes. This euphoria comes from another substance, THC, and is not present in CBD. Instead, CBD is the cannabinoid that causes some of the other reactions that cannabis offers.


In order for our body to process and understand cannabinoids, they are funneled into the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). When these naturally occurring substances enter the body, each one will have a different effect. On top of that, the same substance may have a different impact on the body depending on where in the body it is applied. For instance, CBD can provide some pain relief when it is applied to the skin, but when ingested instead promotes a general calm. Since these relatively small changes can make a major impact, it is important to know exactly how CBD interacts with the ECS when taken applied topically to the lips.


What CBD Lip Balm Does


CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids, and for good reason. After extensive research, CBD has been found to be a major pain reliever and offers several other therapeutic benefits. Because of the results of this research, CBD has also been used to aid in the treatment of insomnia, reducing anxiety and depression, and reducing generalized inflammation. An anti-inflammatory response can be effective against many things, including reducing acne, minimizing pain due to muscular inflammation or arthritis, and is even being researched as a potential aid in treating cancer.


Lip balms act to hydrate the lips, locking in moisture and protecting the thin skin of the lips. Because the skin covering the lips is significantly thinner than the skin on your face, it needs extra support and protection. While constantly being exposed to the elements, wind, debris, and sun, it is all too common for lips to dry up and crack. This painful cracking can have a self-perpetuating problem as it makes your lips uncomfortable, causing you to pick at your lips, lick your lips, or bother them in other ways that can dry them out.


In addition, other ingredients that are sourced from cannabis, while not acutely active, can promote a synergistic effect and encourage the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Some of these are terpenes- commonly known for smelling good and being generally anti-inflammatory. When combined with the benefits of CBD, terpenes can have powerful effects.


Who CBD Lip Balm Is For?


Now that we know that CBD and lip balm can work together to promote healing and hydration to the lips, who should be using CBD lip balm? While CBD can be used in a variety of ways to assist in a number of things, CBD has a very distinctive effect when applied topically to the lips.


Many people who struggle with chapped lips have probably tried a number of possible treatments to lock in moisture. Many ingredients that are claimed to provide moisture and healing to the lips can have a negative effect, providing temporary relief but ultimately drying the lips out even further.


Lip balms with CBD, on the other hand, can provide long-lasting hydration to the lips and help with healing the damaged skin around the lips. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent, meaning that the redness, dryness, and chapped appearance that causes painful lip chapping is a natural target of the powerful cannabinoid.


How much CBD should you apply to your lips? And how often should it be applied? Thanks to the intuitive nature of lip balm, CBD lip balms are an easy way to dose out and apply your CBD without having to add another thing to remember to bring with you. If you struggle with chapped lips, you no doubt are already familiar with carrying around your Chapstick or lip balm. By substituting your old lip balm for a CBD lip balm, you can harness the power of CBD without having to make a dramatic change to your routine.


Proof That CBD Lip Balm Works


But are CBD lip balms actually effective? Continued research and studies have shown more and more benefits of the CBD in CBD lip balms. Since CBD currently is not approved by the FDA as a drug for the treatment of any medical condition, if you have any questions, talk to your doctor. CBD is only approved for use as a supplement by the FDA.


While there have not been many formal studies focusing on the effectiveness of CBD in lip balm applications, studies on CBD in other forms can easily be transferred to apply to lips. For example, one study showed that CBD is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant[1]. These effects can be helpfully applied to the lips to increase hydration and health.


In addition, CBD has been shown to be potentially helpful in the treatment of a number of skin conditions[2]. These can include acne, conditions requiring skin protection, and even pain. By topically applying CBD, pain and inflammation can be reduced and relief can potentially be found.


Why Simpurity Works Better Than Others


But how can you be sure that you get the best quality CBD lip balm? With so many CBD production companies today it can be hard to tell which producer makes products of the best quality. When picking a CBD product, the first thing you want to do is to inspect the company. Transparency in ingredients, quality, and testing is essential in a CBD producer.
They will also show that the ingredients you are receiving are high quality and purposeful.


Simpurity is transparent and open about its objective in producing CBD products- to create the highest quality cannabinoid-enriched products. While some companies are focused solely on the most popular cannabinoid, CBD, Simpurity has done extensive research to find the best combination of hemp-based cannabinoids to give you the highest quality product. With a history of diligent research, in-house production, and high standards, Simpurity is an excellent option for CBD lip balm.


Once you have picked a quality producer of cannabinoids, you have to think about the delivery method. CBD is offered through tinctures, creams, roll-ons, gummies, gel capsules, and more. Depending on the outcomes that you are hoping for, you may select multiple options. For many generalized conditions, such as anxiety and sleep disturbances, internal applications of CBD work best. More topical applications are better for pain relief, localized hydration, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammation. With a variety of flavors and an easy-to-carry size, Simpurity CBD lip balms are a great way to add CBD into your routine.


After selecting a reliable company and picking your preferred CBD product, the last thing you want to look for is proof of third-party testing. As mentioned above, CBD is not recognized by the FDA as a drug, but instead is classified as a supplement. This means that there are fewer regulations that monitor the purity and potency of the product in question. To make up for this lack of regulation, any reputable CBD producer hires an unrelated third party to do a private analysis of the ingredients in the product.


This third-party testing analysis should be prominently displayed for each product available for sale. These tests analyze the product and show you exactly which ingredients are active and present. Because of the nature of cannabinoids, it is not unusual for other cannabinoids to be present in a product. For example, a CBD lip balm may contain small amounts of other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBC, or CBDA. While looking at the third-party test results, it is important to compare the total amounts of each product and ensure that you are getting the exact mixture that is advertised.


If a product is made by a reliable producer, is in a format that you would like, and has third-party testing to prove that they make top-quality CBD products, then you’ve found what you are looking for. If you have cracked, dry lips try the best CBD lip balm on the market! Simpurity's CBD lip balm comes from a reputable source, is easy-to-use, and is backed by unaffiliated third-party testing. Try some today and get the power of CBD working in your life!