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What are The Benefits of Combo CBD Products?

We have all heard how great CBD can be for helping anxiety, reducing pain, or even overcoming insomnia. It can easily be said that CBD has taken the world by storm, and rightly so. Many studies continue to show that CBD has many uses and benefits. Along with CBD products, more and more combo CBD products have come onto the scene. These are products with CBD and another type of cannabinoid, such as CBG or CBN. Do combo CBD products really work? How do combo CBD products work? How can you get the most out of your combo CBD products?


 How Do CBD Products Work?

 To understand how Combo CBD products work, we first have to look into how any CBD product works. CBD  is short for cannabidiol, and it is a cannabinoid: a unique, naturally occurring substance in cannabis plants. There are more than 100 types of cannabinoids in cannabis, each with distinct properties. These substances all contribute a different element to form the effects that we know cannabis can have. Interestingly enough, each one of these substances can be separated out and isolated to be applied and studied. These studies very quickly identified CBD as a therapeutic product with the potential to reduce inflammation, minimize pain, reduce anxiety, and much more. By studying these substances independently, we can better determine the uses and benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

The exact effects that CBD has on the body will depend on where it is applied. This is because of the mechanism by which the body takes in cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a specially designed process through which naturally occurring cannabinoids can be absorbed and used. The ECS takes in the cannabinoids and translates them into hormones that the body is able to process and understand. This means that your body is able to react naturally and seamlessly.

The exact reaction that is produced by the ECS will also depend on the location that CBD or another cannabinoid is applied. For example, CBD is commonly used as a pain reliever and for reducing inflammation. This pain relief is best achieved when CBD is applied topically to the skin directly where the pain is occurring. When ingested, CBD does help reduce overall inflammation but is nowhere near as effective as topically applied CBD. For this reason, the application method selected is a critical detail when deciding on a combo CBD product.


How Do Combo CBD Products Work? 

However, cannabinoids have another very interesting property that is explained by something called the synergistic effect. Cannabinoids work synergistically, cooperating and improving one another as they work. Since this has been discovered, people have been trying to get the synergistic effect to work for their benefit in CBD products. However, caution must be exercised when using multiple cannabinoids at once. 

Some cannabinoids, like CBD, offer many potent effects and can be used therapeutically. Nearly all of the effects of CBD are beneficial for healing and calming. Depending on the application method, this can be a physical or mental calming. However, other cannabinoids can provide some potentially unwanted effects. THC, for example, is known to be a powerfully psychoactive cannabinoid that results in a euphoric “high” sensation. This could impair decision-making abilities and make it unsafe to operate machinery depending on the dosage. When selecting a CBD combo product, be sure to look closely at all of the cannabinoids included so that you only get the ones you want. 

Clearly, combo CBD products have uses and benefits, but they should be used thoughtfully and carefully. Some cannabinoids lend themselves to being paired with CBD more than others. For example, CBG has very similar effects to CBD, such as promoting calming, reducing inflammation, and more. For this reason, CBD and CBG combo applications can work better than CBD on its own. In fact, a CBD/CBG combo tincture will work better than a CBD tincture and a CBG tincture taken separately at the same doses! 


How to Pick a Combo CBD Product

 The first thing to look at when considering a combo CBD product is the secondary cannabinoid involved. Depending on the application method and end goal desired, this will make all of the difference. For example, if you are looking for a product to promote overall wellness, reduce internal inflammation, and reduce stress, a CBD and CBG product will help. This is also a good time to consider the application method. If you hope to receive these internal and generalized benefits, an internal application through a tincture would be the best option. This will allow the cannabinoids to interact with each other and reach the ECS internally to release the hormones needed to promote a calm, healthy body. 

With a cannabinoid mix and application method clearly in mind, next you will want to consider the brands available. Because of the popularity of CBD and cannabinoid products in recent years, there are countless brands available to suit your needs. How can you tell them apart? Because CBD and other cannabinoids are not recognized by the FDA as medications, there are not as strict of regulations monitoring the production and sale of CBD. To counteract this, the CBD industry has standardized a third-party testing standard. This means that an unaffiliated third-party will test the potency and purity of the products being advertised. A reputable company will clearly post the results of their third-party testing which should prove that you are getting the exact dosage of CBD, CBG, or other cannabinoids that you want and none that you don’t.

 Once you have narrowed down the field this much, it should be a fairly easy choice to determine which product to buy. Simpurity is a reliable, quality organic CBD producer that has done extensive research into CBD and other cannabinoids.With products like tinctures, face creams, and more, you can get CBD products with the synergistic affects you want with high-quality ingredients and low risk. By offering transparent testing, clearly listed ingredients, and honest reviews, you can be sure that you get the uses and benefits of CBD you're looking for at the prices you want.