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Providing An Alternative Route To Wellness Is Our Top Priority.


Used for anxiety and pain management.


Used as anti-inflammatory.


Used as a sleep aid.

Formulated In-House

We are a sustainable CBD supplier in Colorado Springs, with organic CBD products, especially for women (although they can still be enjoyed by anyone!) We efficiently formulate, produce, and distribute the highest-quality cannabinoid-enriched products available. We take pride in our excellent customer service and innovative products supplemented with pure cannabis-derived compounds.

Simpurity uses natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients, allowing your body to stay in balance.

A Higher Standard

At Simpurity, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other white label CBD suppliers. Our GMP-capable facility, knowledgeable staff, and superior ingredients are just a few of the thing that help us create our high-quality products. We take great care in our cannabinoid products, and make sure to pay attention to even the smallest of details during every step of the process. As a trusted Colorado CBD supplier, we partner with the state's best hemp producers to make sure that you or your customers get the finest organic CBN, CBD and CBG experience! You may have other options for organic hemp oil, but Simpurity has the purest, and we're the only supplier in Colorado Springs that makes organic CBD especially for women.

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